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*Small Group Question are now being emailed Directly to the Leaders

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

(Example) Small Group Questions -- Romans 1:16-17 (November 17, 2019)

1. A Lifeway survey showed that of us who attend church at least once a month, 80% feel we are responsible to share our faith but only 61% have even attempted in the past 6 months. Paul, of course, was confident in the gospel message to the extent that he shared it with everyone, including the guards that kept him captive. Share reasons Christians might be apprehensive to share their faith. How might confidence in the gospel overcome these apprehensions?

2. There is "dynamic" power in the gospel message simply because it's God's message. Talk about the power of God to change lives and specifically recall when you came into contact with the gospel. Either share your testimony or the testimony of someone that was magnificently converted by the gospel message.

3. The gospel is "good news" revealing that people come into a "right" relationship with God by "faith alone." The Reformers cried "sola fide," which means "faith alone." Salvation is simply by trusting in the finished work of Christ. Why is this "good news" for "everyone"? Have you ever neglected to share your faith with someone simply because you didn't think they were "savable" or perhaps "church material"? Someone recount how the book of Jonah ends and how his "prejudice" kept Him from wanting to share God's love. Are we guilty of prejudice?

4. Who's your ONE? Take some time to pray for the lost and for God to send forth laborers into the harvest.


(Example) Small Group Questions -- Hebrews 12:1-3 (November 10, 2019)

1. The writer of Hebrews calls the Hebrew believers to "run the race with endurance." Talk about some reasons that a believer might become discouraged enough to quit. Share a time in your life you were "at the end of your rope."

2. The writer of Hebrews calls the Hebrew believers to run "with an awareness of those who ran before" them. Can you think of an Old Testament saint that became discouraged enough to quit? How did God come thru for that Old Testament saint? Share how God has come thru for you when you were discouraged.

3. The writer of Hebrews calls the Hebrew believers to run "without hindrances." Share some "weights" that might weigh a Christian down. Do you have a testimony of something God told you to "cut loose"? Share the benefits of it.

4. The writer of Hebrews calls the Hebrew believers to run "with their eyes fixed upon Jesus." Share a time in your life when you took your eyes off of Jesus. Discuss why fixing our eyes on Jesus is a key to overcoming discouragement.


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